JobVision RIASEC

Lingua Manager
Test to evaluate the professional interests and talents of people for career guidance

JobVision Cloud covers the following types of professional orientation:

  • The Realistictype of person is assertive and competitive, and is interested in activities requiring skill and strength. People of this type are drawn to mechaniics, computer science, engineering, labour and construction trades and manufacturing.
  • The Investigative type person is analytical, intellectual, complex, critical, and cautious. People of this type are drawn to the sciences, quantitative pursuits, and research and scholarly activities.
  • The Artistic type is to be expressive, imaginative, intuitive, emotional, and nonconforming. People of this type are drawn to art, writing, theatre, and languages.
  • The Social type is friendly, warm, understanding, idealistic, and cooperative. People of this type are drawn to teaching, counselling, social services, and other helping activities.
  • The Enterprising type is ambitious, energetic, sociable, assertive, and excitement seeking. People of this type are drawn to politics, business management, leadership, and other entrepreneurial activities.
  • The Conventional type is conscientious, methodical, careful, orderly, and thrifty. People of this type are drawn to accounting, banking, clerical, and computational work.