PersProfile 360°

PersProfile Cloud
a method for assessing a person's motivations and skills through the eyes of employees, superiors and managers

PersProfile 360°  is a diagnostic method conducted internally by the company's human resources department or an external consultant and consists of having a person's behaviour evaluated by their supervisor, employee, subordinate, internal or external customer.

  • PersProfile 360°Procedure: The employee evaluates himself by filling out the PersProfile Cloud Questionnaire about his professional motivations and leadership qualities. A similar questionnaire is presented to the other persons involved in the evaluation process and the answers are processed anonymously. On the basis of the combined information, a restitution is then made to the evaluated person. The results are interpreted graphically and analysed in an interview with the appraise. The aim of the feedback is to evaluate the competences acquired and to be developed.
  • PersProfile 360° covers the languages French, German, English, Italian and Spanish.
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