PersProfile Cloud

PersProfile Cloud
Behavioural analysis of individuals or team. An effective method of evaluating social skills by behavioural type

How PersProfile Cloud works :
  1. The candidate is invited to answer the PersProfile Manager test.
  2. The candidate answers the test on-line.
  3. As soon as the candidate has completed the questionnaire, the Versus cloud server processes and returns the results to the appropriate recipient(s), in the requisite language and format. .  

Characteristics of PersProfile Cloud:
  • High velocity transmission: less than 15 minutes between the start of the test and the arrival of the results on the client’s PC or ftp-server.
  • Results can be in the form of PDF or Word files or in the .PPA format (to import into PersProfile Manager for further processing of the results)
  • Report layouts (logos etc.) and contents can be parametrized according to customer specific needs

Brochure english
Brochure italian
Functional comparison PersProfile Manager with PP Cloud