Values & Mission

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Who are we?
Versus Systems SA is a company established in Geneva in 1990 to provide services and advice in the field of business management. Since 1997 we have directed our attention in particular to the development and sale of skill evaluation tools, and aim to improve our clients’ performance by means of more highly focussed recruitment procedures, and improved identification of strengths and target progress within the workforce.

So Versus has today become a recognised publisher of evaluation and test applications.  

Versus Manager Suite, our range of products, has been successfully sold to small, medium, and large businesses and admin. structures, both in Switzerland and abroad, either directly or through partners, each of whom has added some specific additional skill.

Versus has important testimonials from Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, Holland and South America.
Capital-Shares in CHF 150'000.- held by the two main partners.

Our Values
We base our values on Ethics and  Respect for all our commercial partners, in the spirit of a long-term vision, and the application of a winning strategy for both us and them.

Assessment, improvement and development of staff know-how, knowledge, and skills in a rapidly changing market. Setting up of a continuous training program with well-adapted, measurable, well-appreciated content.

Our Mission
To help business to flourish. We help businesses to discover, and to manage, the strong and weak points by providing evaluation tools, methods, tests, audits, surveys and training guidelines.

  • Evaluation and development of the personality, attitude and behavioural tendencies of co-workers. Valorisation of the Human Resources potential.
  • Evaluation, enhancement and development of staff know-how, knowledge and skills in a rapidly changing market. Setting up of a continual, suitable, measurable and appreciated training program.
  • Determining the "Empathy "potential of candidates. Develop and encourage their relational competencies. Measure the potential of improvement in behaviour recognition and adaptation.
  • Sales/Marketing team assessment faced with competition. Training of managers and sales teams in recognition and behavioural adaptation